Custom Made Charters


Custom means that your sailing trip will be made by you! All your wishes are considered very important. Together we make a plan that includes these wishes. You can choose the harbour of departure and create a route. As long as circumstances permit we will follow it. Whether you join in active sailing or enjoy the sunshine on deck, at Custom Made Charters it is all possible.

Made in Holland stands for quality, safety and professional work. Binky is a Noordkaper 43 sailing ship made of steel and build in the Netherlands. She has modern safety equipment including Radar ands AIS. The ship is very sturdy and seaworthy. The interior is light and modern. Our guests have a cabin each, with double beds and share a bathroom. You are able to walk on deck safely and there is enough room inside to go as you please.

Charter on a ship which you don't frequently encounter in the charter world. The classification and the presence of a deck saloon make long sailing seasons. Binky has been arranged for wide water but due to the retractable keel few spots remain unavailable. The crew has been certified entirely for this work.



Is sailing with us affordable?

We can assure you that a trip on our new sailing ship is affordable. Even with modern safety equipment and a certified crew. The advantage of Custom Made Charter is that you can control the costs yourself. We will give you some examples.




Daytrips: with friends, family or a small company. The sailing vessel with crew and day catering is included. You arrive around ten and leave the ship after drinks at five in the afternoon. If you want a different program or stay longer or have an exclusive lunch on board? It is possible, call us and we will make a nice plan. Binky can welcome up to 8 guests for daytrips.

Business trips: If you have something to celebrate with your associates or customers, Binky is an exclusive way to do this. We can make all at your company feel very special and plan a day they will never forget. Get of the beaten track and arrange a sailing adventure! Because we want to keep it special, we will take 6 guests in this arrangement.

Overnight trips: A special way to explore the Netherlands from the water. If you stay on board a couple of days we can extend the sailing area. Because of our deck saloon you will be comfortable even when the weather is bad. We will show you some nice places you never knew existed. Binky can carry upto 4 guests if they stay overnight. Diner is possible on board or you can eat out. Our guests have 2 double cabins to use. The guests share their a toilet.